Canon EOS R8 – Quick Start Manual – Online Course (3 hours / 1 year access)


Nearly 3 hours of a unique online course covering all the details of Canon R8 settings you need for a quick start. Access validity: 1 year. Payment by credit card (Stripe).



Forget reading the manual for this camera – in this online course, I’ll walk you through the Canon R8’s settings in detail, from the key ones to the hidden gems that are easy to overlook in the menus. And most importantly: I’ll help you get into the world of photography very quickly – because your photos will simply be so much better. I promise!

Access validity: 1 year.

Payment is possible by credit card (processed by Stripe), if you want to use another payment method, such as a wire transfer, please, let me know…

How it works: after the payment, the system will send you an e-mail with your login details (you will generate your password), so you can log in and watch the video lessons.

Important: this is not a subscription product, you do not have to cancel it, the access will expire after one years. If you wish, you can extend it (buy it again with 50 % discount).

Questions? Send an email to [email protected]

Thank you from Prague, Czech Republic.
Jan Rybář (aka PhotoBohemian)

About the online course

You can find an overview of the course content, including a trailer, here on the course page. In total, it’s nearly 3 hours of video lessons.

And if you have another Canon camera in a similar category, this course makes sense for you too – because the basic controls and functions are very similar.

What you’ll learn:

– Learn how to master the key settings of this and similar mirrorless cameras in just a few hours
– You’ll learn exactly what to expect from a camera like this on holiday, as we take a review trip to my home town Prague, the Czech Republic, to explore how the camera shoots in real everyday situations.
– And then we’ll dive into a detailed exploration of the menus and all the settings, and we’ll get to the bottom of it: defining what’s essential and how to use it all to make the photos simply better.
– So the goal is not to overwhelm you with information but to highlight what matters. And in doing so, show you the “hidden treasures” in the menu, which it’s a shame not to know about.

The course is also unique in its technology: the lessons record directly the contents of the viewfinder display – so you will see exactly what you will be using in your camera. (Please watch the trailer for examples of these recordings).