Photomatix PRO 5.0 Review

Sometimes, one can really experience the love at the first sight. It has just happened to me – yes, with my favorite HDR software – the Photomatix. What are the first impression? What would be the results of Photomatix PRO 5.0 review?

Photomatix 5.0
An unprocessed result of the new option of Exposure Fusion: Real-Estate. You will love it, guaranteed!

To put it simple, I really love the latest version 5.0, as it ventured towards new possibilities for those of us who just want the HDR to be a tool for capturing reality, not creating surreal worlds. The new great function (a new type of exposure fusion, to be exact) is called Fusion / Real Estate.
More than real – estate is has the power to be really real – e.g. to give you a chance to re-create the reality (well, if there is any in HDR) with a simple clicking on the Real-Estate button (I like the option II.)

Obviously, as you who have already downloaded the new version from noticed, there is a proclaimed shift to find new realist-looking results (as defined by the now second “balanced” option).  Which is a reason why to appreciate the lovely program even more. The second reason is  the simple fact that the new version is free of charge, if you were lucky enough to have bought the version 4.0 or later.)

So, just try it, you will love it – and do not think I am just a geek loving everything new. I am not, in fact, I used to preferred the “simple” Photomatix Essential for the basic stuff (since the engine is the same, I liked to do the basics in it, later moving to Photoshop). Not any more – the Photomatix PRO has now really matured.


Photomatix PRO 5.0


picture quality


usefulness for photographers








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